June 12, 2013

Seasonal Wallpaper - Danny Drake, Jessica Brown, Katherine Barber, and Rebecca Sinz

I'm not sure if you'd be interested in some wallpaper for your PC.  I was originally inspired by the Jessica Brown stationery I shared earlier and went from there.  It's based on the seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  The winter is using Danny Drake's artwork who used to be available throught CDO, but has since left that company.  The spring is similar to the Jessica Brown stationery.  Now the summer one is using the artwork of Rebecca Sinz who use to be with DSI.  She is now available through her own store.  And, finally autumn is using the artwork of Kathering Barber who is available at UYA.  I so love her artwork.  These are sized at 1680x1050, but I'm using them on a 1440x900 monitor and they look just fine.  I guess it's all personal preference.  Please remember not to use their artwork without a proper license.  I hope you like my results and find a use for these new walls.


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