January 30, 2014

Brittany Elizondo/AIL - Judy Mastrangelo/ADI - Kaedee's Graphics/ADI

Hello All!  It's been a bit frosty here in felineland these past few days.  We got some snow, about 2 inches.  It's melted now, but was a bit interesting for my hubby to drive in.  The people aren't used to snow and ice to drive in around here.  It can get to be a bit touchy.  Thankfully he did just fine and made back to where the people/critters that love him are.  I hope you all are fairing through the winter weather just fine where ever you are located.
I have a few shares for you today.  I hope you'll see something you like.


January 27, 2014

John Gladman/ADI

Hello All!
I hope everyone is having a great new year so far.  Hubby and I have been a little under the weather lately and hope to be back up to snuff soon.  I did get a chance to play with some new tubes, but didn't get them uploaded as of yet.  So I figured I should take care of them today.  I hope you like what I have to share.  Please remember not to use this artists work without having a proper license.


January 18, 2014

Camelia/AIL - Dwight Sanchez/ADI - Heidi Drake/AIL - John Gladman/ADI - Polka-dot Party/StarzCreationz - Psyco Jimi/MTA

I haven't been feeling well these past few days.  The weather is doing a number on my back and joints.  The hubby isn't fairing any better either.  Poor baby.  I want warm weather again - lol.  That's why we moved south, to get away from the cold - lol.  I did get a chance to work with some new pieces and create some new shares.  I hope you like my results.  Please remember not to use these artists work without a proper license.


snags aren't animated and in png format

January 5, 2014

Dwight Sanchez/ADI - The Vintage Angel/CDO - Tim Lowery/AIL

Now on to the 2014 shares.  I'm really happy how these came out.  I hope you are too.  Please remember not to use this artists work without a proper license.


Kim Draper/AIL - Ralph Macrey/ADI

Well, 2013 is over and we're on into 2014.  May the new year bring you love, joy, prosperity, and friendship.  I wish for you all.  :)
I got the chance before the last holiday to get some new shares done, but forgot to post them - lol.  Guess I need to pay more attention - lol.  I hope you like today's pieces.  And, please remember not to use these artists work without a proper license.