December 15, 2014

List Taggage

Well, I have a tag for you.  I really like how it came out and wanted to share with you.
It's a festive tag and I hope you like it.  You can collect it

Thanks for being part of my list.

If you'd like to be part of my list just email me
With "list" in the subject, and I'll be happy to add your name

Katrina Winter/ADI - Mayumi Ogihara/ADI - Nina Bolen/ADI - PsycoJimi/MTA - Renee L.Lavoie/ADI - Robin Pushay/ADI

And more shares tonight.


Anthony Guerra - Ian Daniels/ADI - Italia Routolo/MTA - Joyce Jackson/MTA - Judy Mastrangelo/ADI

Guess you were thinking I wasn't coming back.  Well, I lost the motherboard to my PC and have had to start using hubby's.  I thank him for letting me use it, but OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH so slow!!!!!  It's almost taken all the fun out of my tagging, as I said almost - LOLOLOL!!!
I hope you and yours have been enjoying the holidays as they have been rolling in.  We've had some cold temps, but no snow yet.  Actually it seemed to get cold pretty fast this year.  I'm hoping it's not going to be a long cold winter for us.  I hate the cold!!!

I do have some shares for you that I hope you will be liking.  I'm sure you should find something in here that you'll like.  Please remember not to use these artist work without a proper license.