June 12, 2013

Amy Brown/CDO - Jay Trembly/MPT - Maryline Cazenave/CDO

I started taking some new lessons in creating stationery again.  This is still teaching expanding and scrolling letters, but it's going to go into much more advanced stationery.  I'm not exactly sure what all I'm going to learn, but I'll be happy to share my results with all of you.  The first is one using artwork from Amy Brown from CDO.  It's an expanded stationery I did for my lesson this week.  It's actually the second example for the first lesson.  The second is from Jay Trembly who used to be with MPT and then at UYA.  It's a scrolling stationery and there is also some snaggables/extras for you.  The final one is my first example for my first lesson and is an expanded stationery.  It is from Maryline Cazenave who is available at CDO.  I just love her little critters, they are just too cute.  Please remember not to use their artwork without a proper license.  I hope you like my results.





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