June 12, 2013

Jessica Brown/IZ - Ed Mironiuk/CILM - Katherine Barber/UYA

I know I haven't shared in a while.  I did some stationery, but then I got sick and didn't get them uploaded as quickly as I would have liked.  So though these were actually created last month I'm just now sharing them.  I have a couple different artists from different companies.  Jessica Brown used to be with IZ and I created an expanding stationery.  I've made DOW, so they are all in the zip files.  Then I did another expanding stationery using Ed Mironiuk, who used to be with CILM, but is now with CDO.  It was for the Memorial Day celebration in the USA, but can be used for any of the USA's patriotic celebrations.  Then finally I was messing with one of Katherine Barber's gorgeous pieces and created a scrolling stationery.  I really like how this one came out.  Please remember not to use their artwork without a proper license.  I hope you like my results.





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