June 30, 2014

Carolina Seabra - Phillip Malpass/ADI - Ralph Macrey/ADI

Another weekend over and a new week beginning.  I hope yours was a beautiful one with lots of sunshine and smiles all around you.

I have a few share tonight for you.  I hope you like them and find a use for them.


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June 23, 2014

List Taggage

I really liked how this particular tag came out, so I added 600+ names to it.  I'm sure you'll find your name, but if you don't just let me know and I'll be happy to add it to my list.


Daria/AIL - Leslie Tribolet/ADI - Mark Blanton/ADI

The sun is just about to come up to start a new week.  I hope your weekend was spectacular.  Ours was pretty quiet but filled with sunshine and smiles all around.  We spent the days at home staying cool in the AC.  You never really realize just how hot it can be in the summer.  I definitely don't miss the heat.  I hope you're staying cool where ever you are.  I have some new shares for you this week.  I think they came out pretty good and I'm hoping you find a use for some of them.


June 16, 2014

Celine/ADI - Jane Starr Weils/MTA - K DuFresne aka Kaedee/ADI - Karen Singleton/ADI - Kent Steine/AIL

We begin a new week yet again.  I did get a chance to have a play during the week.  I have some new shares for you.  I hope you like them and find a use for them.
So let's get on with the goodies


June 9, 2014

Jessica Morgan-Chase/ADI - John Pilkington/ADI

Well, we've finished another weekend and have to start a new work week.  I hope your week is a grand one.  I had some fun playing with some new pieces and have new shares for you.


June 1, 2014

Deanna Davoli/ADI - Derk Hansen/ADI - Ed Hicks/ADI - Gina Marie/ADI

Hello again.  It's a wonderfully warm day here in Felineland.  It's a bit cloudy, but I love the temps.
I hope you had a great weekend, and your week is just as wonderful for you.

I have a few shares for you this week.  I got to play with some new tubes and this is my results.  I'm hoping you like them and have a use for something.