May 31, 2015

Going Homeless After Car Accident

This might be the hardest thing I've ever had to do - we really need your help! We have fallen on hard times and will be evicted from the place we have loved and called home. This has become our reality.

Some of you know what's going on. But, for others who do not, here's our story. I am disabled and have been for 25+ yrs now.  I hurt my back and am unable to stand or sit for any long length of time, or walk any distance further than my mailbox and back without tremendous difficulty.

Paul, my husband, has epilepsy (controlled by medication) and seperation of the shoulders (they disloate constantly, with little manipulation of his arms).  He takes care of all the essentials we needed done - groceries, laundry, cleaning, etc.  Unfortunately he lost his long term job working as an assembler at Hickory Springs in North Carolina last year. Since then, he hasn't been able to find a permanent job. Last week he was finally given a position at Kontane Logistics in their warehouse stacking pallets.  He started this new job on Thursday -  May 21, 2015 - and we thought things were looking up for us, finally.  On Tuesday this week, his third day working - May 26, 2015 - he was coming home from this new job and was involved in a car accident.  He ran off the road and rolled the car sideways 3-4 times landing in a farmers field destroying his crops (hopefully our car insurance will cover all the damages).  They/we believe he had a seizure while driving which caused the accident.  He was then sent to the hospital where he had a seizure and aspirated, he had to be put on a ventilator and was placed in ICU.  He spent 2 days and nights there, and was then moved to a regular room.  He is now home, thankfully.  He could have been hurt much worse, or killed from this accident. And, we thank God that he wasn't.  He is now unable to work (no transportation) and has had to file for disability, due to the chances of this happening again if we ever did get another car. Next time we might not be as lucky.

We've struggled to pull in our rent every month (since losing his job last year), thankfully we have a wonderful family who has helped us monetarily as well as with emotional support.  They are unable to continue to help us with our situation.  There is no insurance to pay for medical bills, seizure medication, doctors, or utilities. Getting disability on average in NCarolina is about 2 yrs and my disability check won't cover our rent, utilities and other essentials.  So this brings us here.  

Due to our tough financial situation, we have fear of being evicted from our home, and then face a life of uncertainty. No one should ever have to face being homeless.

I am reaching out for help from anyone, and for anything. I'm asking for any donation, even a dollar. Any donation helps. And no donation is too small. I'm trying to get us back on our feet and it is a job too big for us to bare alone. Please help my family raise the money to help us pick ourselves up. Anything is appreciated. Thank you for your time in reading my story.


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