February 28, 2014

Becca Moore/ADI - Medusa Creations/Love & Romance - Michele Ann/ADI - Norma J. Burnell/ADI

February is about over and we're hopefully heading into spring.  I'm so happy that winter coming to a close.  Yippee!!!  I'm still messing with my crafting and enjoying some change in my creating with that.  But, I still can't find my patterns, GRRRRRR!!!  I really hope I didn't lose them in the move.  They've got to be somewhere - oh well.  Anyway, I got have a play with some new pieces and I meant to post some of these much sooner, but had forgotten.  Need to stop suffering from CRAFT - LOL!!  I hope you like what I've come up with and you find something that you can use.  Please remember not to use these artists in your creations without a proper license.


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