November 2, 2012

Yvonne Gilbert/ADI

As I said there are new tubes I'm using and these snaggables/extras were made using the beautiful artwork of Yvonne Gilbert.  I so love her holiday pieces.  They kinda make you feel all warm inside and bring thoughts of the season heading our way.  If you think about it the holidays are just right around the corner.  The snaggables/extras files were so big I had to divide them up into 5 parts to get them uploaded for you all to download.  Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused you

1 comment:

ooh...babelicious said...

These are prettiful, Felines. Where are her tubes, I looked at ADI, but their site is so hard to navigate, I cannot find an artist list and in the previews it only has initials...
I want the christmas tubes. And I know I looked at her tubes not long ago.... Can email me perhaps