January 19, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

I wish to thank the person that thought they needed to report me to 4-shared for sharing pieces I had the right to share.  I really appreciated being accused of doing something illegal, though I have license to share what I post here.  You could have checked with me and I could have told you I did have legal license to use these pieces.  But no, you had to go and accuse me behind my back.  You could have asked me instead of what you did.  I thought about just giving up completely and never create again, but then I thought, NO!!!  I'm not going to stop doing something I enjoy, just to keep those who think they know more than I do about what I have license to use accuse me again.  So again, thank you.

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Audrey Thurston said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you Felines! Obviously the person who reported you doesn't know you. Because anyone who does would know without thinking that you would never shared something you didn't have permission to use. Some people just like to get stuff started. Please do not let the trolls keep you from doing what you enjoy. I know I love seeing what you create!