May 15, 2013

Bill Corbett/CILM - Myka Jelina/CILM - Octavia Vaughan/ADI - Vinegar/CDO

I've been playing again.  I've got stationery and snaggables/extras to share.  Some were made for a game I'm playing one of the groups I belong to, and some were just for fun.  I've used some wonderful artists artwork with these, from a couple different companies.  We have Bill Corbett and Myka Jelina, who used to be with CILM when it was still open.  And, we have Octavia Vaughan who is a new artist over at ADI.  Then there's Vinegar who is now with CDO.  Please remember not to use their artwork without a proper license.
I hope you like my results.

On a side note - would anyone be interested in joining an always list?
If I open one, it would allow you to get the tags I make that match my stationery and snaggables/extras.
If so, leave me a comment and I'll give it some thought, depending on how many would like to join.
Thanks, now on with the shares.

animated and expands

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