April 10, 2013

Camilla Drakenborg/CILM - Vicky Mycock/MTA - Samuel Silva/IZ

I had some time these past days and was able to make a few stationery and a couple sets of snaggables/extras.  I used 3 different artists and pieces I hadn't used before.  We have Camilla Drakenborg from CILM, but she is now available at UYA.  Then, there's Majestik Art from MTA.  And, finally Samuel Silva from IZ.  Camilla's artwork is some of my fav pieces available to use in my creations.  And, if you know anything about Majestik Art you know why I love her artwork.  Samuel is a new artist to me and I just fell in love with this piece when it was released.  Please remember not to use their artwork without a proper license.  I hope you like what I have today.

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