February 14, 2013

Monika Halloway/ADI - Leonardo Preda/IZ

There were some new releases from ADI this past week and so I got to have a play with a tube or two.  I used Monika Holloway's artwork in one of the stationeries I have available tonight.  I also have snaggables/extras matching the stationery.  Her pieces are available through ADI for purchase for all your PSP creations.  I really liked how this one came out.  I hope you do too.
Then we have another stationery using the artwork of Leonardo Preda.  This stationery was a lesson in one of my groups.  I think it came out pretty well.  It's a scrolling type stationery, if you're interested in that type of stationery.  His artwork is available through IZ for your PSP creations.
Please remember not to use their artwork without proper license.

animated and scrolls

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